Give a treat to help the monks beat the heat!


Give a treat to help the monks beat the heat—buddy up with your favorite monk today! Monkeys love to splash around in the monkey rain and wading pools provided at the Jungle Friends Sanctuary to cool off from the hot days of summer. Help Jungle Friends raise $10,000 by contributing $84 to your favorite monk today and help them stay cool and relaxed all summer long! Each day we have a new featured monkey at the sanctuary. Today’s featured monk is Max, a weeper capuchin. Did you know that Max loves to cool off by eating frozen bananas? Donate today to help Max stay cool all summer long! Click on the link below!

Monkey Socializations!

Hello Jungle Friends Supporters!

We have had a busy week with monkey socializations! Our newest arrival, Ellie, has already shown great interest in Noah, who recently lost his companion. Both marmosets came to Jungle Friends as ex-pets in hopes of finding new mates at Jungle Friends! Luckily for them, they both have laid back attitudes and have already started grooming each other! Did you know many common marmosets form lasting monogamous bonds? 

Wild Bill
Brown Capuchins, on the other hand, tend to form groups with a dominant male and several surrounding females. Brown Capuchin, KC, came to Jungle Friends back in April of this year all the way from Indiana. We are trying to match her with Wild Bill, a wild caught brown Capuchin who had been used in research studies before coming to Jungle Friends. Although these Capuchins are single and ready to mingle, their match has not made much progress. KC still strays away from Wild Bill’s advances—but  who knows where the future will take them!

Lastly, a new habitat is going up! When introduced to Pooh and Emma, our current resident cockatoos, Emma unfortunately displayed aggressive dominance in the group leading to the decision of building a brand new habitat for Gabby with generous support from Gabby’s former guardian, Beth. We put the word out for another cockatoo in need, so Gabby will have a bird friend of his own to chatter and whistle at! Meanwhile, he has many human friends who sit and visit with him throughout the day. Feel free to sponsor any of our animals at so we can continue to build excellent habitats for all of our residents at Jungle Friends!
Until next time,
Monkey Love!

New Arrivals!

Hello, fellow Jungle Friends supporters! I’m the newest staff member and munchkinland extraodinaire where all of our tamarins and marmosets live. I was really drawn to Jungle Friends because of its message of letting monkeys being able to live their lives in as natural state as possible. Did you know that some species of capuchins live in troops of up to forty individuals in the wild?  Despite my short time at Jungle Friends thus far, I’ve already gladly welcomed four new arrivals to our sanctuary.  Pip and Zeke, brown capuchins, arrived the minute I arrived at the sanctuary. They came to Jungle Friends as ex-laboratory behavioral research subjects in a very frightened state. The two siblings would clutch to each other, well hidden under a bush, for comfort during their first few days at the sanctuary. Fortunately, with positive reinforcement, their curiosity overcame them and they were swinging from branches in no time!

 Did you know Jungle Friends was able to recently build a flight cage for a few of our resident cockatoos and macaws? In fact, an entire enclosure is being built for our newest umbrella cockatoo, Gabby. Gabby comes to Jungle friends as an ex-pet of a compassionate owner who raised him from an egg. Gabby’s human, however, wanted Gabby to be able to live his life with other birds in one of our excellent habitats at Jungle Friends where he has found his permanent safe-haven. Gabby spends his days chatting away with the other birds and waving at any caregivers that come to visit him.  
Our newest arrival to Jungle Friends is a petite weeper capuchin named Annabelle. Her story is rather tragic as she was found in a bird cage in an evicted house with the ceiling caving in right above the cage and heaps of trash throughout the house. She is Jungle Friends new good luck charm and has made a smooth transition into her permanent habitat here. She is very health conscious and prefers her fruits and veggies over anything else. She also loves to play! We are currently in the process of expanding Jungle Friends so please support our wish on Facebook at  so we can build more habitats ensuring that monkeys and birds alike will have a forever home.

Until next time!

Monkey love,


April 21-29

  World Week for Animals in Laboratories

In honor of World Week for Animals in Laboratories, please join us in helping the monkeys that have been retired from labs to our sanctuary at Jungle Friends.
PIP on a perch
At the end of May, Pip and Zeke will be arriving at Jungle Friends. They are from a laboratory where they were studied for their handedness in various kinds of manual tasks, their social behavior, problem-solving abilities (making inferences about which tool will work better in some task), and a little about their cooperation and self-control/impulsiveness. Their caretakers are careful not to harm the animals and are very excited to be able to retire them here at Jungle Friends where they will be able to live out the remainder of their lives in a natural environment with other monkeys.

Approximately 30% of the monkeys at Jungle Friends were used in laboratory research.  We are committed to helping captive primates, but in order to do so, we need more money and more sanctuaries.  Please make a donation to our Research Retirement Fund.

Donate to Jungle Friends Research Retirement Fund

Update On Little Dodger

Update: Unfortunately, our little Dodger couldn't make it through his struggle and passed away this year.

I just left Dodger and he is doing great! We had a bit of a set back Thursday, as he was constipated and refusing food. After a few rounds of fluids, and enema and some good loving care, Dodger had a great poop, urinated and started eating again. Whew! Our brave boy ate quite a bit for Kari and Kat yesterday, mainly eggs and mealworms. 

He was doing really good on Wednesday, as you can see for yourself in this video. Yesterday he was more active than Thursday. He got some time to bask in the sun and visit his girlfriend, Isabelle! Another video is soon to come!

We really appreciate your compassion for Little Dodger and greatly appreciate your continued support. Thank you so much for your prayers, healing thoughts, reiki energy and for the donations to our Memorial Medical Fund!

Update on Little Dodger

I am sitting here with Dodger on this chilly morning as his is resting with a belly full of ensure, mealworms and glucose. He seems much better today and even walked around a bit! His weight went up from 212 grams yesterday morning to 226 grams this morning. Every little bit gained is great!

We have a wonderful care staff working hard to nurse this tough little guy back to health. Lee has been giving Dodger fluids three times a day. Kat has been his nursemaid for the past two days. Kari ahs been in and out during the day and throughout the night to feed, weigh, and give healing energy and love to him. Today I am his nursemaid.

As I watch him sleep, listening to healing chants being played on the stereo, I can't help but think about all the Jungle Friends supporters out there who are sending their love and healing thoughts and prayers for little Dodger. There are prayer circles out there for him and people sending healing light, love and health for our little fighter. Sitting here I can feel all the love and thoughts surrounding him and hope he feels it too.

All of us here, especially Dodger, thank you for your support. We are not out of the woods just yet, but hopefully we are well on our way! Please continue to send love, light, prayers, healing thoughts, or anything you can do to help us get this little guy back to health!

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