Update On Little Dodger

Update: Unfortunately, our little Dodger couldn't make it through his struggle and passed away this year.

I just left Dodger and he is doing great! We had a bit of a set back Thursday, as he was constipated and refusing food. After a few rounds of fluids, and enema and some good loving care, Dodger had a great poop, urinated and started eating again. Whew! Our brave boy ate quite a bit for Kari and Kat yesterday, mainly eggs and mealworms. 

He was doing really good on Wednesday, as you can see for yourself in this video. Yesterday he was more active than Thursday. He got some time to bask in the sun and visit his girlfriend, Isabelle! Another video is soon to come!

We really appreciate your compassion for Little Dodger and greatly appreciate your continued support. Thank you so much for your prayers, healing thoughts, reiki energy and for the donations to our Memorial Medical Fund!


  1. He is cuter than anyone I've ever seen! we are pulling for him..the little poopster.

  2. Was so great to see little Dodger today eating and drinking and visiting his darling Isabelle who has certainly surprised one and all with her gentle behavior after taking 2 of the flower essences that I gave her, one was for Abandonment and Abuse which certainly was her past as a rescue and the one that I hadn't learned about yet Spiddal is about releasing deeply held trauma sometimes from past lives as well as this one so... I would say the girl released a whole lot and I hope that it continues as the result was amazing Flash Silvermoon Animal Communicator and Vibrational Healer http://www.flashsilvermoon.com

  3. Go, Dodger! And a round of applause for all of the staff at Jungle Friends whose tireless work has brought him along.

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